Green - Education - Masterplanned

We strive to be a transformative force for how we live. Centred around a k-12 school and daycare, our master- Planned communities create dynamic interfaces between public space, private homes, and the greater city beyond.


All of these spaces support and enhance each other, with a commitment to meaningful sustainability as a common vision.


Ms. Xu at the Ground Breaking Ceremony, 29th June 2017 with Mulgrave head of school John Wray and the team.


Mr. Niu Gensheng

Westgem was founded by Mr. Niu Gensheng, a world-renowned philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is regarded at the forefront of China’s philanthropy and is internationally recognized for his green initiatives in addressing the pressing world issue of climate change. Formerly, having worked with numerous visionary leaders throughout the world for instance, Bill Gates on projects such as funding the China Global Philanthropy Institute in Shenzhen. 

Who we are
  • Pioneer master planned community builder with a ideology of a  sustainable  future.

  • Utilise green material and technology to responsibly implement the  development  of our community.

  • Our top priority is to develop world-class education centered communities for future generations.

  • We incorporate a future focused technology to inspire next generation communities.

Our Mission
  • To create world class international education communities.

  • Prioritizing the needs of the broader community above all. 

Our Values
  • Passion

Our passion for local communities and education is at the heart of our company.

  • Leadership

We strive to be leaders in sustainable development.


  • Teamwork

We work together, developing a culture of a supportive team who are honest and respectful of one another. 


  • Innovation

We constantly strive to be an innovative force, incorporating a future focused ethos in every project.


  • Commitment 

We are committed to continuously be environmentally responsible.

  • Integrity

​We believe the highest standards of integrity are fundamental to who we are.

Our Chair

​        Ms. Xu Hong

  • Famous entrepreneur in China and Canada.

  • Visionary and advocate for education communities.

  • Renowned philanthropist and avid supporter of the Vancouver community.


Mr. Niu with Bill and Melinda Gates, MacKenzie Bezos, Sara Blakely founder of Spanx and founder of Air Bnb Brian Chesky in The Giving Pledge anniversary in Florida on May 29th 2019.


Our Founder
Our Vision
  • To create unprecedented green master planned communities.

  • To predominantly use sustainable building materials and innovative methods.

  • To design and build communities anchored by educational facilities.

  • To utilize cutting edge technology in community development.

  • To be a transformative force and inspire future generations.